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Tattoo Services Pricing & Requirements:

All Tattoos are priced by the Piece, by the individual Tattoo Artist.

Deposits are required for Tattoo Appointments. Please communicate with your Artist to leave a deposit.

Tattoo deposits are $100

To leave a deposit please speak with your Artist or select their Page in our Menu above.

Tattoo deposits are Non-Refundable. 

Minimum Studio Tattoo Sitting Fee is $150

A State of Federally-issued Photo Identification (Driver's License, State Photo ID, Passport) is required for any and all Tattoo Services.

Minimum of 24-hour Prior Notice is required to cancel Tattoo Appointments. 

**Our Staff reserves the right to refuse Service to any Client for any reason**

Tattoo Aftercare

Even though you have your new ink, the Tattoo process isn't finished until the Tattoo is fully healed. Tattoos generally have a superficial heal at two weeks, but they are not fully healed until four weeks. So that means no swimming, baths, intense sun exposure, exfoliating cleansers, etc. for four full weeks. Engaging in those types of activities puts you at risk for infection and poor healing. It is up to you to take good care of your Tattoo throughout the entire healing process! If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact us.

To best heal your Tattoo, we recommend keeping it clean by using an unscented soap like Gold Dial. Wash your hands first, then lather up and gently wash the Tattoo until it is no longer slimy feeling. You should clean your Tattoo at least twice a day (morning and before bed) and anytime it has been exposed to possible contamination. Keeping the Tattoo clean is the most important thing you can do for healing.

Apply a thick ointment like A&D ointment or Aquaphor (there are many other acceptable tattoo care creams, many of which are vegan, like After Inked and Hustle Butter Deluxe). Apply ointment to the clean Tattoo in a thin layer, the same amount you would apply if using Chapstick for example. Applying too much ointment can interfere with healing, so no need to over apply.

After three days or so, you can begin using a regular unscented lotion, like Lubriderm, to moisturize.

Do not pick at, rub, or itch the Tattoo! Any scabs that develop are necessary to the healing process, and will fall off when they're ready.

We guarantee our work and will happily touch up any Tattoo we have done.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout this process, please reach out to your Tattoo Artist!


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