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Cold River Body Arts was founded in 2018 by Gene Gowen, a  formally trained and educated professional body piercer, with a decade of experience in the craft of piercing.

Gene began his career serving a traditional apprenticeship with veteran piercer Jeff Goldblatt, at Green Man Studio in West Hartford CT. After completing his apprenticeship and advancing to the position of Head Piercer, Gene accepted a position with the well known Haven Body Arts of Northampton Massachusetts.

The most recent years have had Gene working as Senior Piercer, Piercing Trainer, and Business Manager for an established New York based tattoo and piercing company with multiple locations across the state.

Over the span of his career Gene has been fortunate to be invited to provide piercing through guest spots at reputable studios across the country. From regular work in Boston and Oklahoma City, to Seattle and St. Louis, Brooklyn to New Orleans, Gene has been privileged to work with a broad range of clients and respond to a wide range of piercing interests.

Whether working on-site or while traveling, Gene has always sought to continue his education in his craft through working alongside career piercers and through the Association Of Professional Piercers (a non profit dedicated to the dissemination of safe Piercing information). In 2018, Gene is a 5 year business member of the APP, and Fundraising Coordinator for the Body Piercing Archives.

Cold River Body Arts was built on a standard of quality and a commitment to craftsmanship with each piercing service and each piece of jewelry that crosses our door meeting that standard. 

Cold River Body Arts believes in the standards of safe practices set by the APP, and is  tirelessly committed to providing only the finest crafted jewelry and piercing services available.

Supporting its standard of quality, Cold River is proud to offer the safest piercing methods available, using the most up-to-date aseptic techniques. From simple lobe and cartilage piercings, to advanced piercing work for collectors of body modifications and adornment, Cold River provides a clean environment, safe for clients of all types and interests. 


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The Association of Professional Piercers is a California-based, international non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing to piercers, health care professionals, legislators, and the general public.

Within the Association of Professional Piercers, Cold River Body Arts also works with the Body Piercing Archives Committee as Fundraising Coordinator and our staff has occasionally contributed to The Point Journal

The Point is the Quarterly Journal of the Association of Professional Piercers containing articles on piercing techniques, body-art legislation, history, and anthropology, as well as reports on Conferences and events in the US and around the world. Like no other publication available, The Point covers anything and everything of interest to the professional body piercer—or anyone interested in learning more about our industry.