About Us

Cold River Body Arts was founded in 2018 by Gene Gowen. Gene is not only our Studio Owner, but our Piercer as well. He has a decade of experience in the craft of Professional Body Piercing, with formal training and education. Gene is a proud Business Member of the Association of Professional Piercers. Shortly after opening, Cameron joined the staff in 2019 as our Permanent Cosmetic Artist. She specializes in Microblading, Nano Brows, Powder Brows, and Combo Brows. Cameron proudly holds double Certifications in Permanent Cosmetic Services through Beauty Mark Brows. Mikael joined our staff within late 2023, He is our Business Administrator. Graduating with a Business Administration degree with a Concentration in Management, Leadership and Human Resources. Mikael manages our bookings, emails, calls, social media, managing our website...etc. Roni Carlo travels from Florida to come Tattoo on a regular basis and travel with our team to conventions. We have many more special Guest Tattoo Artists and Piercers that travel to work with us - keep an eye out on our Guests Page for their announcements!

Professional Associations:
The Association of Professional Piercers is a California-based, international non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about Body Piercing to Piercers, Health Care Professionals, Legislators, and the general public. Within the Association of Professional Piercers, Cold River Body Arts also works with the Body Piercing Archives Committee as Fundraising Coordinator and our Staff has occasionally contributed to The Point Journal.

The Point is the Quarterly Journal of the Association of Professional Piercers containing articles on Piercing techniques, Body-Art Legislation, history, and anthropology, as well as reports on Conferences and events in the US and around the world. Like no other publication available, The Point covers anything and everything of interest to the Professional Body Piercer—or anyone interested in learning more about our industry.