Permanent Cosmetics


  • Make certain to keep your brows dry and free of water, lotions, and even aftercare products for the first 8-24hrs.

  • Dampen sterile gauze with a small amount of Membrane brand MicroTonic.

  • Apply to the brow and allow to soak for 30 seconds.

  • Dab at brows with gauze to remove dried residue, pigment, blood or lymph.


  • Apply a thin layer of Membrane brand MicroBalm.
    (Thin layers, do not build up)

  • Repeat this process twice daily for 7-10 days.

  • During this period, do not allow your brows to become exposed to water from any source, including lakes, oceans, rivers, pools, showers, bathtubs, hot tubs, saunas, even washing your face.

  • Exposing brows to water of ANY kind during this 7-10 day process, could jeopardize the pigment.

  • During the healing process your brows will itch. It is important that you do not scratch at your brows. Instead apply a thin layer of MicroBalm.