Congratulations on your new piercing! Your service occurred in an environment that meets the standards set forth by the Association Of Professional Piercers. The Association of Professional Piercers is a California-based, international nonprofit organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing to piercers, health care professionals, legislators, and the general public. Your piercing was performed by a member of the Association Of Professional Piercers. This means you can be assured that your experience was in the cleanest environment possible, with someone trained in the most up-to-date aseptic techniques, using body jewelry of uncompromising quality.

A couple of things to remember. Your personal environment and habits can affect your new piercing. Change bedding regularly and be sure nothing comes in contact with your piercing. Maintain a constant and consistent cleaning routine. Remember that a healthy person has a far better chance of having a healthy piercing, so drink plenty of water and eat a healthy well balanced diet.

What's Normal

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness
  • Mild spot-bleeding
  • Produce a fluid that forms a gold or yellow colored crust

Suggested Aftercare Products

  • Sterile saline wound wash (NOT contact or nasal solutions)
  • Sterile or clean non woven gauze (NOT cotton balls)


  • Distilled water and non iodized salt mixed at 1/4tsp salt = 8oz water

To Clean Your Piercing

  • Clean your hands thoroughly with an anti microbial soap
  • Spray your piercing directly with saline 3-4 times daily for the duration of your suggested heal time
  • Hold clean paper towel underneath your piercing, to catch any drip or overspray

For Oral Piercing

  • Rinse with distilled water & non iodized salt mix every 2-4 hours daily for the duration of your suggested heal time
  • Rinse for a minimum of 60 seconds to loosen and flush away any trapped particles of food debris
  • Purchase a new toothbrush immediately
  • No mouthwashes alcohol free or not
  • Clean especially after meals

Do Not

  • Touch your piercing or Jewelry
  • Twist, turn, or rotate your Jewelry
  • Sleep on your piercing under any circumstances during your healing
  • Allow oral contact with your piercing
  • Allow bodily fluids in contact with your piercing
  • Allow harsh facial cleansers, lotions/ moisturizers, or makeup in contact with your piercing
  • Allow your piercing to be submerged in any body of water including oceans, lakes, rivers, pools, hot tubs, and even bathtubs 
  • Use aftercare products or aftercare suggestions, that we haven't suggested, without consulting our Piercing staff

Can I be pierced with something more custom? Can I get pierced with Gold?
There is always the option to be pierced with something custom designed. Jewelry made specifically for you, something you helped to create, or being pierced solely with gold jewelry are all options we are happy to accommodate. Simply inform us of your jewelry preferences ahead of time, and we will make all the necessary arrangements.